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Myakka Skunk Ape Sighting in Florida New 2018

Myakka Skunk Ape, the stinky cousin of big foot discovered. Florida Bigfoot Sighting. Does this new footage revealed prove to be real or fake? What exactly is a Skunk Ape?

I first learned about this creature when I came across a 2013 video of real footage that was spreading around different news sites called, Myakka Skunk Ape in which a fellow YouTube user (mopower08) happen to film what is said to be this sasquatch related creature everyone is calling the Skunk Ape. Mike Falconer's video footage link below is it real or fake? Are these actual Bigfoot Skunk Ape Sightings on the Myakka River State Park?

It's was really hard to see what exactly you're supposed to be looking at as the bigfoot video was fuzzy along with the photos of this skunk ape type creature....I was ready to move on until I noticed all of the people who had pulled over and were now out of their cars and seemed to be a little edgy.

I became intrigued, so I did some more research.

The Skunk Ape, has been called the Stink Ape, Swamp Ape, Myakka Ape, and the Myakka Skunk Ape, is a hominid cryptid rumored to inhabit mostly Florida with a handful of sightings in North Carolina and Arkansas.

I found hundreds of reports about this mythical creature and spent hours reading about the encounters, video footage, photos and sightings most of them originating in Florida.

It's said to be Bigfoot's cousin and differs from the legendary big-foot in that it carries an awful skunk-like stench and lives in swamp areas rather than dry woods and mountains

Sightings first appeared in the 1940's, but became very common in the 60's and 70's as reports came in like wildfire of people claiming to have encountered a 7 foot ape with a putrid stench. Individual reports all came to the same conclusion, something huge, puke smelling, very hairy, dark colored and ran on two legs.

While no clear evidence or proof of this strange creature seems to exist, the hundreds of sightings and reports makes it tough to come to a solid conclusion if this animal is real or fake.

What do you think about this Myakka Stinky Skunk ape?

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